General information

Derecho y Critica Social (DCS) is an international and multidisciplinary electronic journal subjected to a strict peer review policy. DCS publishes original articles resulting from academic research projects and translations to Spanish of relevant previously published articles in other languages.

Objective. The main objective of DCS is to provide a platform for academic discussion and dissemination of articles that address the legal phenomenon in various spheres of society from a critical perspective. DCS is not committed, however, to any discipline or methodology. It welcomes theoretical and empirical research coming from any of the traditional legal fields, as well as the social sciences and the humanities.

Public. DCS is intended for the academic community. In particular, it is committed to creating a space of dialogue for the Latin American academic community. Nevertheless, it also expects that the articles published will produce a more general reflection on the social issues affecting Latin America. In particular, DCS is interested in unveiling the role that law can play as cause, condition or possible solution to those issues.

Contributions. Contributions from academics, both affiliated to institutions or independent, and university students are welcome. All contributions will be subject to an academic peer review process, with the exception of translations of articles previously published in journals with an editorial board or monographic titles edited by academic publishers. DCS postulates that contributions to the editorial process should not be simultaneously sent to another journal or publication.

Languages. DCS publishes original articles written in Spanish and English. It also publishes Spanish translations of articles previously published in their original language. Before submitting the manuscript to DCS, it is advised that that those authors not native or nearly native speakers of the language in which they are writing seek help from someone who has full command of the language, such as a professional translator, editor, or academic in the field of the article’s subject.

Sections. Besides the main articles’ section, DCS has a book reviews’ section and a miscellaneous section called Intervenciones.. The reviews should discuss books of interest whose first edition in their original original language, or its Spanish translation, have been published within the last three years since the review is sent to be published. DSC retains the right to commend reviews of important books within its editorial scope. Intervenciones section, starting 2016, accepts contributions that do not fit the structure of an academic article and are of interest to the public of DCS. Among others, this section accepts interviews, short articles, essaysand epistolary discussions.

Periodicity. DCS was first published during 2015. The journal edits one volume per year, composed of two issues. The first issue appears during August (covering from January to June) and the second issue appears during January (covering from July to December).

Advance publication. Taking advantage of the electronic format, DSC will publish in advance those articles that have been accepted for the next issue of the journal once they are ready to be published. This modality allows greater visibility for the articles. However, for editorial purposes the publication of the issue will set the final page numeration and allow a precise and permanent reference to the article.

Call. The call to publish in DCS is permanently open and manuscripts can be sent at any time. This, however, does not guarantee its release in the issue following the acceptance date. As a suggestion, the contributions should be submitted no later than May 30th for their inclusion in the first issue of the year and October 30th for their inclusion in the second issue. Articles will be published in the order that they have been accepted for publication.

Address and contact. The email address of the Journal is: For any issue related to the journal, you can contact its editors at the following email addresses:, and

Subscription and cost. DCS is an open access electronic journal. To access their content a subscription is not necessary. Notwithstanding that, a RSS register will provide updates to the journal’s website. DCS does not charge for the editorial process of the manuscript or its online publication.

ISSN: 0719-5680.

Indexation. From the moment of its release, DCS will comply with the requirements for indexing in the Latin-American academic index SCIELO. The inclusion of the journal in the most important international indexes, such as SCOPUS and ISI web of science, is a priority for the editorial board. Currently, DCS belong to the following academic indexes:

  • Latindex Directorio
  • Bilioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile

Copyrights. Authors retain the intellectual rights to their articles, but by publishing in DCS they authorize their licencing under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) 4.0 Internacionial, which allows copying, distribution and public communication of the article provided that the author and the article (in the manner specified by the author) is identified. This licence does not allow commercial or derived use, unless express and prior permission is given by the author, although it does allow for a link to the content of its webpage, given prior permission from DSC.